The world's cleanest drinking bottle

Stop the One-Drink-Stands! soulbottles are for life.

Awesome designs, no plastic, no tricks.

100% toxin-free. Italian glass, no plastic, no tricks.

Choose from the 20 awesome of our 2013/14 collection. All designs by young international artists who get a share from each sale.

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1€ of every soulbottle gives more people access to clean drinking water. Produced from only natural materials, and only in Europe.

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Customize your soulbottle by choosing your design, your rubber color and your top color. Go crazy and add a carrying handle if you like.


Why soulbottles?

Easy. Because bottled water is awful. Awful to the planet, awful to your health (plastifiers seem to be toxic) and awful to the eye (just plain ugly).

Soulbottles are sustainable, stylish and your parents-in-law are going to love them. And tap water is the most strictly controlled beverage on the market.

If you’re skeptic about tap water or think there’s nothing wrong with plastic bottles, you might want to check out this:

10 myths about (bottled) water

In Business?
Give your employees a health and productivity boost*

Get custom branded soulbottles and one of our many sustainable hydration solutions. We print your design from 10 pieces on, ideal for giveaways or Christmas presents that stay in use - and in mind.

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*A 1-2% dehydration is shown to lower productivity by 10-20%.

Our charity initiative

celebrates our water

If you order soulwater in one of our partner restaurants, you get tap water in a soulbottle and 100% of the proceeds are used for giving more people access to clean drinking water.

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